Nathan Stremick

Nathan Stremick is a seasoned commercial real estate professional based in Minot, North Dakota. With a passion for connecting clients with their ideal commercial properties, Nathan brings a wealth of experience and a results-driven approach to every transaction. His extensive knowledge of the Minot real estate market, combined with a keen understanding of economic trends, allows him to provide clients with strategic insights for making informed decisions.

Nathan's dedication to excellence is evident in his commitment to client satisfaction. Known for his exceptional negotiation skills and attention to detail, Nathan goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless and successful real estate experience for his clients. Whether it's finding the perfect space for a new business or securing a lucrative investment property, Nathan is the trusted advisor that clients turn to for expert guidance.

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson brings a fresh and dynamic presence to the Minot commercial real estate landscape, collaborating seamlessly with Nathan Stremick to form a powerhouse team. With a background in [mention any specific expertise or industry focus], Ashley brings a unique perspective to the partnership, complementing Nathan's skills and expanding the team's capabilities.

Together, Nathan Stremick and Ashley Johnson form a formidable alliance, dedicated to providing top-notch service and achieving outstanding results for their clients. Their teamwork, market knowledge, and personalized approach set them apart in the competitive world of commercial real estate in Minot, ND.

Whether you're a business owner looking for the perfect location or an investor seeking profitable opportunities, Nathan Stremick and Ashley Johnson are the trusted partners you can rely on for all your commercial real estate needs in Minot and beyond.


Today’s complex real estate market demands a team approach. 

Working with our team you can expect: 

Bringing you years of experience and involvement to all transactions
We intently listen to your needs and requirements
We offer real-world, practical guidance
Creative problem solving and tenacious negotiation
 State-of-the-art systems and resources 
The highest caliber of people for leasing, sales and analysis